Each new project is like an artist’s blank canvas full of possibilities and opportunities.  It has to be approached with the wonder of a child, the skill of a master craftsman, and intense empathy.  As a designer, I must listen intently to my client’s wants & needs to establish the best possible options for their project.  This important listening allows me to fully feel their vision, so I can spring into action to plan, design and specify the best combination of elements to create beautiful, innovative and functional interiors that allow my clients to fall in love with their home or office.

A good artist will paint with passion, and know when to put the brush down, completing their image. Although a design project is kinetic and can change and refocus as time passes, the initial creation has to have the proper balance and commitment toward completion.  Working within planned timeframes and deadlines has to be part of a project’s successful outcome. Every phase of my projects are executed with passion, precision, knowledge and intensity.  There is a focus on balance and coordination while still maintaining the important elements of health, safety and welfare of my clients.  While working out the balance of elements and details, there is that knowledge of when these facets will be complete.

Creativity, whether you are an artist or designer, has to start with that blank canvas, lump of clay, or line on a page.  The line becomes a shape, the shapes become symbols or objects. The symbols become plans, renderings & specifications, and the specifications become tangible goods to be placed in their proper locations.  Each element has significance to the whole and molds itself into the completed project. A masterpiece in the making.  My goal is to have every client enjoy the process and know that their involvement and input is so vitally important to the interior design of their personal or professional spaces.  It is essentially one design brushstroke at a time!

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Debra Juliano, Interior Designer