Ballroom and Latin Dancing has many positive physical and mental health benefits.  I have loved partaking in lessons for many years, and find it to be an invigorating part of my week.  Dancing is a passionate and artistic expression set to music much like Interior Design.  Interior Design may not be set to music, but the focus on planning, detailing and specifications can be harmonic at times with a unifying force between Designer and Client.

Passion is defined as an intense enthusiasm of something; and I feel it every day at my Design Firm.  I enjoy the involvement with my clients in learning about their lives, needs and wishes. I can then tailor a design program for their personal or professional spaces.  I love my job, and convey a positive and enthusiastic approach to my work.  I value all the relationships that I have developed over the years, and look forward to the collaboration with clients, vendors, and contractors.  I truly want to make the world a more beautiful place, not only with tangible details and products, but in maintaining those professional relationships for years.  I awake every morning with a “can-do” approach to my projects, and the creative work that lies ahead.

In my many years as a licensed Interior Designer, I have not stopped the wheels from turning.  I love to learn something new every day, and have seen many innovative changes in my field that are very exciting.  Of course, as with any business, there are challenges that can occur at any stage of a project. However, I forge ahead with each one to become part of the solution with our common goal of project completion; on time and within the set budget.  It is about keeping my clients happy, and overcoming any obstacles that approach our design journey.  My happiness level soars when clients move into their newly built or renovated homes/offices and love spending time there.  Our living and working environments should reflect who we are, provide functional lifestyle, feel comfortable, and look beautiful.  All these elements form a seamless string of movement, detailing and coordination (possibly with some background music?).

Much like the Argentinean Tango, each programmed and rehearsed “step” of the design process must focus on the connection of planning, detailing and specifications with the passionate vision of my client’s dreams.   I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful clients, and look forward to many more years of design dancing in the future!

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Debra Juliano Interior Designer