Most of us know that Goldilocks was a discriminating young lady who knew what she wanted. She was on a mission to find comfort in the House of Bears. These comfort details in upholstered goods are key to every design project, and many choices are readily available for your perfect fit. I have found, in my 30+ years of experience, that subtle changes can have a very positive effect.

Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging objectsthat people use and how those items interact most efficiently and safely. Focusing on ergonomics is an essential element in Interior Design. Function, efficiency, and safety are combined with aesthetics and decoration to perform as the perfect union.

In specifying upholstered furniture, the proportion, balance, style and detailingwill follow the theme of a project.  However, the internal workings of these upholstery items, (chairs, loveseats, sofas, sectionals, etc.) can be tailored to a client’s specific needs and comfort level. Sometimes changing the inserts, webbing or frame construction can happily marry beauty, form and function.

These nuanced changes can even occur on multi-cushioned items such as sofas orsectionals. I have had projects where one person has back problems and needs a firmer cushion construction, and another in the same family may like a softer, more enveloping seat and back. This can be accomplished by an experienced upholstery company creating these internal modifications while still maintaining the overall consistent appearance of the furniture. Each person gets their specific needs met without sacrificing the beauty of the designed space. When working on that individual fit, I recommend what I call the “Tush Test”. Clients should visit the local workroom with their Designer to try out the modifications, and make any adjustments prior to the final installation.

You may think these custom modifications are expensive, and they are not. Theyare a small up-charge, and become priceless in a client’s overall comfort level. They can be completed on new or existing furnishings as a person’s needs change, especially as we get older. Communicating and understanding a client’s lifestyle, heath issues and “wish list” can help to accomplish these important changes. Finding the proper ergonomic fit for a client’s upholstered furniture can be the “just right” feeling that Goldilocks was trying to achieve, and can be part of your life as well. Putting together a strong creative Design Team can get you there.

Interior Design Ergonomics Space
Debra Juliano, Interior Designer