The success of any project is in the strength of its team.  The triangular relationship of an Interior Designer with the Architect and Builder on a project is key, and helps to alleviate stress in the process for the client.  It is a symphony of talent, knowledge and experience that creates the proper harmony that affords our clients to work through the design and detailing process with ease.  The client’s “wish list” can be thoughtfully & skillfully approached to their needs and lifestyle.  When we move on to the Specifications phase of the project, following the detailed concept, the tangible items can be organized and transmitted to the proper contractors and sub-contractors for pricing and/or value engineering.

I pride myself in preparing very organized paperwork to assist builders in completing their pricing, contracts and timelines on our Residential, Commercial and Yacht project’s. The proper communication and follow-up by my Design firm helps to move the building process at a steady forward pace. Detailing, planning and a focus on organizing all phases of a project with the team can expedite the building/fabrication process whether it is the renovation of an existing home or new construction.  We then carry that organized and detailed approach to the furnishings, artwork/accessory specifications and purchasing phase through my design firm.  It is a coordination of all team players on behalf of the client to work toward a successful outcome.

I have the ability to help clients put together this professional team, or join an existing team depending on the specific project requirements.  I feel the mutual respect and collaboration of all professional’s involved is a beneficial element for clients to see their vision or dream come to life.  In my career, I have had many opportunities to work with great architects and builders to design wonderful projects from Concept to Completion.  There is no greater complement to me than when a client sees their completed project and loves it!

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Debra Juliano Interior Designer